Corban OneSource stands firm on three pillars – serving our community, our Creator, and our clients. Regardless of which “C” it is,  we weave them together and give each one our absolute best. Our clients deserve (and expect) carefully thought-out strategies, open communication, and dedication. Corban OneSource understands the human resource, benefits and payroll needs of its clients and aims to always go above and beyond the client’s expectations (we call it Raving Fans Custom Service).  It is not our intention to bang a drum or ring a loud bell to bring attention to ourselves.  Transparency is one of our core values so we do have to say, it is always nice to know your hard work has paid off. After hard work, strategic conversations with our client, and the right due diligence process, Corban OneSource has been blessed to have a 98% client retention rate for 2015. Through serving our clients, we are able to serve our communities and Creator.

As we say often, who we are is not important; how we serve our clients is. Corban OneSource offers a great deal of outsourcing programs such as benefits administration, human resources, and payroll outsourcing gives us the opportunity be good stewards of your money. Becoming a good steward comes from knowledge and experience. With over 18 years of experience and clients in 36 states and 4 countries, Corban OneSource has a learned a lot about going stewards from a global perspective. Being a good steward of your money is not solely defined by keeping it safe. A good steward invests in and serves others, permitting the three Cs to be woven together.

Corban OneSource is both humbled and blessed to have a 98% client retention rate for 2015. We hope to continue this path through the coming years. And maybe- just maybe- raise it even higher.