Employee benefits are the second highest costs behind payroll.

We help companies with 75-6,000 employees get the most benefits and control costs at the same time.


Control benefit costs

A dedicated employee benefits admin team can help you fully leverage the benefits you select with your broker or if you are self-funded. They can also help you recover lost profits by reconciling bills, overseeing data transfers for accurate payroll deductions, conducting and eligibility checks so that you aren’t paying more than you need to.

Variable Cost Model 

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Reduce regulatory and compliance risks

Benefits admin experts know the latest state and federal employer regulations and can provide counsel for HIPAA, ERISA and ACA. They’ll do the heavy lifting on paperwork to keep you in compliance.

Create a better employee experience

Putting the human element back into health benefits administration hugely differentiates today’s companies. A partner can cut down enrollment paperwork and can be a welcomed third-party resource that employees can call with questions, contributing to overall employee satisfaction.

Streamline management to free up internal resources

A benefits admin partner can take over the time-intensive tasks that tax your internal HR teams so they can focus on mission-critical, strategic and employee-centric initiatives. This makes employees happier too!

Attract and retain top talent

An outsourced employee benefits solution can keep you up to date on what employees expect and where to find the best benefits at the best price, keeping you and your employees happy. You can use your employee benefits package to attract leading talent.

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What will you get with a benefits admin solution?

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Flexible employee benefits administration made simple.

  • A dedicated team to manage your benefits admin plan
  • A custom toll free number using your company name for employee support questions
  • Management of data and system programming
  • A transparent interface where all your admin can be seen in one place
  • Data processing and eligibility checks to make payroll simpler
  • A system of checks and balances that keeps you up-to-date on regulatory compliance
  • Open and ongoing enrollment support
  • Benefits package comparison and design
  • Paperwork and documentation processing
  • As needed legal counsel

Ready to maximize your benefits and control costs?

Executive team decides to invest in employee benefits administration

With something as essential to your success as your human capital, it’s important to establish an outsourcing relationship based on trust, communication and clear expectations. 

Employee benefits outsourcing can help your company manage risk by identifying and solving common challenges relating to regulatory and payroll compliance. By automating payroll processing, assisting with onboarding documentation, tax information and enrollment, and by sending out necessary COBRA forms post employment, an outsourced partner helps you stay compliant. 

At the most basic, an outsourcing partner should assist with compliance, help you save time and money on employee benefits administration and help you offer a better customer experience to help you attract and retain top talent.

Let’s address your complex HR challenges together. 

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