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The HR support you need for your company with 75-6,000 employees with none of the headaches.

Customizing an approach to free up time and drive strategic initiatives.


How can bringing on HR support benefit your company?

Find a tailor-made solution

Sometimes adding a new HR person isn’t the answer, especially if you have processes out of order or the wrong technologies in place. We’ll work with you to identify specific challenges and hand over a plan that complements your current team.

Grow quicker and smarter

Whether you have 200 employees or 2,000, growing and responding quickly to market conditions is critical. We’ll help you reduce overhead and with our variable cost model, we cut overtime, benefits, and other associated overhead costs.

Eliminate redundancies and increase efficiency

Hiring an HR support team can give you the exact solution you need, when you need it. It will have the added benefit of helping to identify organizational and procedural bottlenecks that stagnate your organization.

Customize a technology solution to meet your needs

Not all companies need the same tech stack. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and needs offering a cloud-based solution for full transparency into your business operations.

Jumpstart strategic HR initiatives

When your HR team is freed up to do what they do best, you can move the needle on strategic initiatives like succession planning, company culture, and employee retention strategies.

What will I get with HR support services?

CEO agrees to hire Corban Onesource for HR support

You get to choose whether you want to outsource one task or many.

  • Onboarding//Offboarding
  • HR compliance and regulatory issues
  • Development and implementation of HR policies and procedures
  • HR audits and investigations
  • Employee discipline and termination support
  • Performance management and training guidance
  • Unemployment insurance (UI) claims administration
  • General HR advice
  • Technology platform customized to your needs

Let’s address your complex HR challenges together. 


How do you know when it’s time for HR outsourcing?

For the majority of companies, tell-tale signs start to emerge when your HR team is taxed and swimming in paperwork. These questions will help you determine if your team needs some HR support.

Is your company growing?

It’s normal to feel growing pains. Maybe you notice HR employees spending increased time on paperwork and less on strategic initiatives. Or maybe your staff seem tired. If you’ve just brought on new clients, hired new staff, or expanded into new verticals it may be time to outsource.

Are you facing a lackluster talent pool?

Have you tried but you can’t seem to find the right talent to meet the unique needs your company is facing? Outsourcing solutions often offer whole teams whose combined experience outshines what a single in-house person can do for your company.

Do you want to skip the time and resources it takes to onboard a new employee?

If you don’t want to use crucial resources on searching for, hiring and onboarding talent, or don’t have the time get up and running, HR support services can be a quicker solution.

Do they have a clearly defined process?

Look for a managed payroll provider that has a successful track record of working through an established process. Can they assist with onboarding, ongoing tax processes, and eventually offboarding?

Have you had a recent incident?

Maybe you got hit with non-compliance fines, or missed a crucial payroll deadline. You may be risk-averse and want the assurance of a 3rd party. 

If you notice that most HR tasks are running smoothly, or that your current HR team is not at capacity, it may not be time to outsource. 

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Without question Corban does HR better than we ever could have, so I trust them to represent us. This gives us the opportunity to focus on growing the business and being more profitable.

Tom P., CEO

HR Trends for 2021

Increasingly, the daily tasks of your HR team get eaten up by paperwork and minutia of hiring, onboarding and offboarding. There’s increasing demands and fewer resources to meet them.  According to this 2019 article, HR outsourcing trends will be driven by:

1. Downsizing in-house: HR teams will continue to look to outsourced solutions to do the most time-consuming tasks.

2. Strategy: Internal teams will continue to focus on developing strategic innovation for the company in order to stay competitive to top talent.

3. Remote workforce: Employees are increasingly working remotely (upwards of 42%) and their payroll, onboarding, and enrollment paperwork may be more complicated as a result.

4. Specialization: HR talent will continue to specialize making it harder to find generalists in the talent pool.

5. Compliance: There will be an increase in rules and regulations making the risk of non-compliance ever more pressing.

HR Support FAQs

Do I lose control of staff when I outsource?2020-02-18T14:05:44-05:00

An outsourcing partner should be considered off-site support staff, not someone managing your teams.

Does my HR support partner interact with my employees?2020-02-14T11:50:03-05:00

Employees are welcome to reach out through a toll-free number anytime. We think it’s important you have access to speak to a real human being very quickly, especially in the event that an issue that needs to be resolved immediately.

How much money can I save with HR outsourcing?2020-02-14T11:50:20-05:00

Compared directly to hiring a new employee, HR outsourcing can be a much more affordable option. Even compared to other solutions like PEOs, outsourced solutions have proven to be one of the most cost effective options on the market.

Onboarding and Technology

Your HR team needs someone they can trust, who they can delegate headache-inducing tasks to. We treat your HR needs with discipline and care, report back to you regularly and offer full transparency in the process. Our process is clearly defined: Our team conducts an audit with you to determine pain-points and goals. From there, we apply the appropriate solution and connect you with a dedicated staff member. We make recommendations for immediate action and rely on you to give the green light. We can take over a wide-array of HR functions or just one-off requests. We can be task managers or strategic drivers and everything in between, but at the end of the day, you give the go-ahead and we execute.

While we know that no blanket tech solution fits every customer—especially without addressing core needs and challenges first—we think a modular approach works well. We offer a proprietary technology platform that can be customized for your specific needs. You’ll have the benefit of transparency and a single source of truth for all your data. This cloud-based interface makes it easy to sign on anywhere, at any time for an accurate report. It also makes it easy for us to report back to your team.

Let’s address your complex HR challenges together. 


A human resources partnership built on trust

CEO happy to get the HR support his company needs to keep growing

Whether looking to offer a complete HR outsourcing package or a one-off human resource training, we’ll build a customized solution to help you grow. You get access to a full team with over 100 years of combined experience. We provide a customer service line and a dedicated staff member so that we’re only ever a call away. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. We aim to simplify the ever increasing world of HR administration, thriving off clear communication, transparent expectations and customer service.