HR outsourcing services for businesses with 75-6,000 employees .

Corban OneSource provides scalable, full-service HR solutions for any business across a wide spectrum of industries. Our dedicated team of professionals customizes precise plans for enterprises of all sizes, including global organizations with complex payroll plans. If you’re tired of watching your human resources professionals spend their time managing paperwork flow instead of developing your company’s culture, call Corban OneSource — we’ll cut down on wasteful inefficiencies and help you achieve your goals.

It’s what we do.

Corban OneSource provides:

  • Global and national payroll processing. Payroll costs more than any other expense item
    for most businesses. It’s also one of the least strategic — and most important — functions. Corban OneSource can manage simple and complex payroll plans with ease, including multinational payrolls and nonstandard payrolls such as commission- and bonus-based compensation. We’ll make sure you remain in compliance while we calculate and distribute compensation accurately and on time.
  • Benefits administration outsourcing. After payroll, benefits are the second-biggest expense. Keep your employees focused on leading your company’s culture instead of chasing down invoices, disputing payments and negotiating with brokers and carriers. We offer flexible employee benefits administration, so  you don’t waste your resources on payments you shouldn’t be making.
  • Comprehensive human resources services. If your organization is growing faster than your employees can manage, call us. With our comprehensive HR solutions, we can implement policies and procedures that scale to the size of your organization. We can also create an employee handbook, manage paperwork associated with promotions, new hires and separations, and more.
  • Better HR technology. Is your business taking full advantage of your human resources systems? Let us take a look. We provide advanced HR technology solutions that will take your business paperless and provide one-login access for employers and employees.
  • Total compliance assurance. In today’s regulated environment, failure to stay in compliance often results in costly — and unnecessary — fines. Stay compliant with Corban OneSource.
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Get in touch with us today. With Corban OneSource, you and your employees can keep your focus on your customers — where it belongs.

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