HR Outsourcing for Manufacturing Companies with 75-6,000 Employees

Manufacturing businesses need to stay focused on making the best possible product for the best possible price, while providing attentive and knowledgeable customer service. Although well-run payroll, benefits administration and human resources departments are essential to the health of the manufacturing business, they’re oftentimes not the top priority. When your manufacturing business partners with Corban OneSource, your back office function will become our front office function — and that lets your employees focus on the jobs they were hired to do.

Corban OneSource furnishes custom HR solutions for manufacturers that cover payroll, benefits administration and human resources support. Our experienced team gives your staff members the helping hand they need to keep your business running smoothly. Partner with Corban OneSource for HR solutions that encompass payroll outsourcing, benefits outsourcing or both — or hire us for a comprehensive HR outsourcing program, designed specifically for manufacturers.

With Corban OneSource, your manufacturing business will be faster and more efficient — and will allow you to control costs better.

Custom Business Solutions for Manufacturers

When you hire Corban OneSource, you’ll get:

  • Dedicated support from people who know your business. Corban OneSource will furnish your business with HR professionals who know your company. We’ll become an extension of your current HR team so that we can furnish the answers your employees need. Our reputation for excellent customer service is legendary.
  • Competent, timely and secure payroll services. Corban OneSource furnishes businesses of all sizes with payroll outsourcing, including international payroll services. Call us when your business needs assistance processing and reconciling payroll. We can help with commissions calculations, bonus payments, manual checks, payroll taxes, employee contributions, pay cycle reconciliation, direct deposit and more.
  • Benefits administration help. Corban OneSource is the benefits administration outsourcing expert. We can follow up with carriers, brokers and employees, and ensure your business isn’t paying too much for benefits. Let your human resources team focus on strategy and culture, and let us worry about the details.
  • Human resources support. Is your manufacturing company growing too quickly for your human resources team to keep up? Let us help. We can help your business create an employee manual, establish policies and procedures, assist with onboarding and separation paperwork, and more.
  • Modern HR technology. Update your human resources systems, and make real-time information, paperless workflow and always-ready documentation your company’s standard.
HR Outsourcing for Manufacturing Industry

HR Outsourcing for Manufacturing. Let’s address your complex HR challenges together. 


“Do you know how much product we have to sell to put this amount to our bottom line? We should have done this years ago.”

Brian F., CFO

HR Outsourcing for Manufacturing: Corban OneSource helps you keep your mind on your customers and your culture, instead of your back office.

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