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HR Outsourcing for Non-Profits. You change the world. We’ll handle your back office with a proven track record of high quality service.

Too often, nonprofits fail to look at themselves as businesses. We understand. It can be uncomfortable to focus on money when you’re not-for-profit. But without enough resources, you can’t make change happen. That’s where we step in as your partner, freeing your staff to hire passionate people, develop a culture that aligns to your core values, and develop strategies that will help you grow and touch more lives.

  • Attract more donors and volunteers
  • Control costs on administration and spend on what matters
  • Develop a stronger culture that attracts & retains dynamic talent
  • Articulate your mission clearly to philanthropists
  • Offer your employees cutting-edge payroll and HR tools
  • Customized reporting and payroll administration
  • International payroll capability specific to non-profits
  • Custom workflows developed for your non-profit
  • A dedicated team of benefits experts
  • Comprehensive compliance processes and services
  • Employee handbook development and updates
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Job descriptions developed for your specific needs
  • Open and ongoing benefits enrollment
  • Administrative paperwork and coordination
  • Spend time on operations, not administrative burden.
  • Leverage best practices developed for organizations just like yours.
  • Benefit from a broader skill set than one employee can offer.

We serve organizations from 15-6,000 employees.

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Why HR Outsourcing for Non-Profits?

As a non-profit or not-for-profit professional, you need your employees to stay focused on your organization’s mission. You don’t have time to manage the complexities of payroll, benefits administration or human resources, nor the resources to hire a new full-time employee. Your organization needs comprehensive HR solutions designed for non-profits that keep your back office functioning smoothly.

“When I have compliance issues I know I can call Corban OneSource, as they will have the expertise to handle it and keep us out of hot water.”

Lori M., Controller

Let’s address your HR Outsourcing for Non-Profits together. 

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