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International payroll services designed to meet the needs of companies with 75-6,000 employees with a global workforce.

Delivering on-time results no matter where your employees work.


Benefits of International Payroll Processing

Decrease liability

Companies must continuously stay ahead on compliance. An international payroll service knows what rules and regulations apply to keep you secure.

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Avoid costly mistakes and penalties

Being late on payroll or missing it altogether can put you at legal risk. That’s even more true when working in multiple countries. By effectively executing payroll in real time, across countries, you’ll never be late.

Increase organizational efficiency

By handing over the heavy lifting of international payroll services to a third-party, your HR team can focus on mission-critical, employee-related tasks that build brand equity and loyalty.

Visualize your processes in one interface

With a clear plan in place, an outsourced international payroll provider can plan, track, execute, and report all of your processes and data in one location.

Visualize your processes in one interface

With a clear plan in place, an outsourced international payroll provider can plan, track, execute, and report all of your processes and data in one location.

What do you get with international payroll services?

International payroll provider excited to send report to her client

Peace of mind knowing the job is done well.

  • Global payroll solutions
  • Customized SOPs (standard operating procedures) for each site
  • Checks and balances for compliance
  • Tailored to local rules, regulations, and real-time exchange rates
  • One centralized dashboard for reporting
  • Procedural checks to ensure on-time payroll delivery
  • Access to a team of dedicated experts

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How should you choose an international payroll provider?

Good international payroll outsourcing companies tend to have one thing in common: they boast on-time success rate in an impressive amount of countries. But the best providers also offer the human element. Here are some key attributes to look for when picking an international payroll provider.

Can they fully manage the entire payroll process for you, not just the processing ?

Corban OneSource can manage the entire payroll lifecycle from closing out time and attendance to funds distribution in over 140 countries. Oust the entire headache of international payroll, not just some of it.

Can you get a human on the phone?

We offer a customer service model based on exceptional care. We pride ourselves on our communication. You get to talk to a real person, really fast, sometimes even our CEO.

Do they have a customizable approach?

We customize a solution based on your needs, so that you aren’t changing your processes to adapt to ours. Instead we offer a nimble team that can supplement yours and develop and implement best practices for increased efficiency.

Are they working in more than a few countries?

While some global payroll processors specialize in one country, we work in over 140 countries. We find this important if you already operate in more than one country or plan to grow in the future. Some regulations apply across country lines, but some will be specific to that country.

Are they well-versed in international compliance issues?

Rules and regulations become much more complex when working in multiple countries. Look for a provider that understands local laws to keep your business safe.

Payroll administration is the least strategic and most time consuming part of my team’s responsibilities; it was the perfect place to start outsourcing.

Mike W., CFO

International Payroll Trends for 2020

As more companies adopt multinationalism and global growth, payroll trends will continue to take shape to adapt to international contexts. Here’s what to watch out for in 2020:

1. EOR is the norm: 58% of recently surveyed CFO’s working internationally said they use or plan to use a global employee of record in the next 3 years.

2. Technology: Another recent study found that businesses are looking for ways to reduce complexity and integrating AI and ML solutions that impact how business gets done. Companies are moving towards a single source of truth and want all their payroll processing done on a single, cloud-based interface, regardless of location.

3. Compliance: A third study found that compliance is an ever-increasing complex challenge for international business leaders and countries the world over are starting to tighten up on compliance failures.

International Payroll Outsourcing FAQs

How does technology help process payroll internationally?2020-02-18T17:05:23-05:00

By offering a cloud-based solution, your teams will have access to a single source of truth. Technology helps to clean up your timesheets so that payroll gets processed correctly. In an international context, this means you can pay your employees on time regardless of the time zone they work and live in.

What are the drawbacks to international payroll outsourcing?2020-02-18T17:06:47-05:00

We believe the benefits of outsourcing this service outweigh the costs. Experienced global payroll processors are more fine-tuned in their planning, execution, and reporting. They can often anticipate changes in international regulations because they keep a pulse on trends. They help you avoid costly and potentially legally-threatening mistakes. And they do this all within the context of providing better employee experience while freeing up HR to focus on important business tasks.

Are there special considerations when managing an international payroll due to factors like government regulations, exchange rates, or local culture?2020-02-18T17:08:44-05:00

In short, yes. International payroll processing is a complicated process made more complex by culture, government regulations, compliance in an international context, and exchange rates. It’s good to partner with a team that is well-versed in this landscape, and who can communicate effectively with employees on the ground.

Onboarding Process for International Payroll Services

Our team will conduct an audit to understand your unique payroll challenges. From there, we’ll give you a roadmap with clearly-defined expectations and milestones. Your team will approve the action plan, we’ll connect you with your staff member(s) and we will take over your international payroll function, offering assuredness to you and your employees. We’ll develop site-specific SOPs and employ a streamlined approach that ensures your employees get paid on time, every time.

Take the challenge out of managing an international payroll

Woman managing international payroll services for global company

Whether your company is growing into new markets or you’ve worked multinationally before, many business leaders ask how to pay international employees, especially considering time constraints and local regulations. International payroll providers can help sort out richly complex issues related to international payroll regulations, while distributing payroll across country and company lines.

Corban One brings ease and clarity to the process, while recovering clients lost profits above and beyond the cost of the outsourcing service. They replace your existing payroll person and create a custom solution based on your companies specific needs, all oriented through the lens of local rules and regulations. We know the global payroll processing industry well, but continue to update our understanding through ongoing due diligence and research. With our international payroll services, you can rest easy knowing your overseas employees are compensated on time and all regulations are accounted for.

Let’s address your complex HR challenges together.