Nonprofit Leadership: How to Forward Your Mission by Engaging Your People

A Free Video Series for Nonprofit Leaders and HR Professionals

In this free video series, gain impactful insights from a 23-year veteran of the HR industry. Norman LeClair breaks down common problems faced by nonprofit organizations, and how shifts in leadership and communication can drive funding and improve talent acquisition and retention.

Key Insights & Takeaways

  • Hire and retain excellent employees
  • Improve communication across your organization
  • Identify communication roadblocks
  • Create a culture that inspires engagement
  • Empower every member of your organization
  • Grow revenue and prioritize your mission
  • Demonstrate the impact of every employee’s effort

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Meet Your Instructor

Norman LeClair is the Chief Stewardship Officer at Corban OneSource, where he leads strategy and vision. Corban OneSource is an HR Outsourcing company that specializes in working with clients that have between 75 and 6,000 employees. He has the privilege of consulting with CEO’s, CFO’s and Senior HR Leaders in non-profit organizations across the country. A native Floridian, Norman has been in the HRO industry for over 20 years.