Staffing Challenges Top Ten

Employers responding to a Harris poll conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder ranked their top staffing challenges as follows:

  1. Retaining top talent (32 percent)
  2. Lifting employee morale (31 percent)
  3. Providing competitive compensation (27 percent)
  4. Worker burnout (26 percent)
  5. Maintaining productivity levels (25 percent)
  6. Managing organizational changes (20 percent)
  7. Employee engagement and Providing upward mobility (tied at 17 percent)
  8. Providing enough training activities (15 percent)
  9. Cutting down on cost-per-hire (12 percent)
  10. Lack of succession planning and Limited recruitment budget (tied at 11 percent)

8 Ways to Control Employee Turnover

Here we list the 8 ways to keep your turnover under control. You can’t please them all.

  1. Foster a congenial workplace
  2. Flexible work scheduling
  3. Good benefits
  4. Good wages
  5. Avoid layoffs
  6. Convenient commute
  7. Good boss
  8. Recognition

We recently thought of #9: Have a clear and logical social media policy.

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