Did you know that just one shoe box can bring an immense amount of joy to child?

Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to millions of child around the world with a simply packed shoe box. Filled with gifts, the shoe boxes are delivered to children in hundreds of countries, giving them joy and the simple products they need. This shoe box is packed with all kinds of items, such as toys, coloring books, hygiene products, clothing or other gifts.

As a part of the Corban Cares program, we support Operation Christmas Child each year by gathering together to pack shoe boxes as an office. We have been packing shoe boxes as individuals and as an office since 1998. It something that each of us look forward to every year, spending the time packing, laughing and celebrating the holiday season. We want these children to experience what love feels like and feel like they have a friend in us, even if we are across the world.

operation christmas child office packing

Every year, we pack at least 50 boxes as an office. All it takes is going to the dollar store and picking out toys and other products to put in the box. You can pick up boxes at local community centers, churches or even have it shipped to you. Each box requires a label that specifies if it’s for a boy or girl and what age group. With this label, you can also track your box just like you would a regular package.

This upcoming week, November 13-20, is National Collection Week, so be sure to get your boxes in. You and your office can also volunteer by sorting boxes together, making it a great team building opportunity and a chance to send joy. Worried you won’t get the boxes in on time? Try building a shoe box online!

As the years go on, we are continuously proud of being a part of Operation Christmas Child. To see the joy it brings is incredibly heartening, and we are blessed to be able to have the opportunity.