1. Do I have to outsource everything?

No, Corban OneSource solutions come in 4 different modules and you only outsource the functions that make sense for your organization. It could be just one module or a combination of modules up to all 4. The 4 modules are: HRIS (HR Technology Platform), Payroll Processing and Administration, HR Support Services, and Benefits Administration.

2. How much money can I actually save?

Corban OneSource has been working with clients in a diverse group of industries for going on 2 decades. Our proven solutions have shown 2 distinct segments of savings. Companies exiting a PEO relationship have savings of 28% to 45% over what the PEO was charging along with a significantly upgraded solution. Companies not in a PEO relationship save 24% to 32% of what it would cost them to have internal staff with higher levels of expertise and technology.

3. Do I lose control of my employees?

Absolutely not. Your employees are your employees and you never lose control. Your Corban OneSource team reports to you and supports your team. We do not have the authority to hire/fire or approve any decisions as the way you run your business is your decision and we act as a support staff to you.

4. How does the process actually work?

Depending on what modules you select (see FAQ #1 above) you are given a dedicated individual or team that comes alongside you or your team and supports them. We initially start with an audit to identify areas of potential risk and then develop SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) so everyone on your team (Internal and Corban) know what the expectations and procedures are. We make recommendations for best practices and the decision to implement those best practices rests with you.

5. Do you take over all HR functions?

Corban OneSource takes on the administrative functions of HR and not the strategic aspects (i.e., Succession planning, Organizational Development, Corporate Culture, etc.). We focus on removing the administrative burden and compliance functions, so you can focus on the more important areas of your business. Our scope of services document is customized by each client and specifically outlines what functions we will assist with.

6. What happens to my existing staff?

Corban OneSource comes along side your team to support them and creates for you a decision tree to increase your profitability by reallocating staff to more revenue generating or important areas of the business that will positively impact your bottom line.

7. Who is Corban OneSource, I have never heard of them?

We get asked this question all the time as we do not spend a lot of resources on brand awareness and because we are a privately owned business. Very few people know we are ranked as one of the top 10 largest HRO’s on the east coast and have clients in 36 states. Even though our clients include Michelin Tires, Anheuser Busch and many other well known publicly traded companies, we focus our time, talents and resources to serving our clients as the vast majority of our new clients come from referrals.

8. What if I have operations in multiple states?

The vast majority of our clients have multiple locations in multiple states. We are well versed in all state’s laws and our advanced HRIS technology platform allows our clients to have all their information in one place. Managers and executive committee members have direct access to a single system to make critical business decisions no matter where or how many locations they may have.

9. Does someone actually come to my office every week?

Though this is an option, it is usually not necessary given the advanced technology we use including not only our HRIS Technology Platform, but also our one-to-one video conferencing capabilities. Our clients often tell us they talk to, email, or communicate with us more than they do with staff located in their same building.

10. Why Corban OneSource, why not a Big Brand?

We trust our clients when they tell us the 2 biggest reasons they decided to partner with Corban OneSource instead of a more recognized large global brand are:

  • Significantly better customer service, where they get to talk to a real person, real fast and they will never hear the words, ‘Your approximate hold time is . . . ‘ and,
  • Our ability to customize a solution that works for them, so they do not have to adapt/change their processes around ours, but rather use our team to supplement theirs and develop best practices for more effective and efficient ways to run their business.

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