Full-service HR outsourcing for oil, gas and energy companies with 75-6,000 employees.

A proven variable cost model that works in a boom economy as well as a down turn market.


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We’ve been doing this for decades, so we understand the ups and downs of the oil, gas and energy industry. Our variable cost model (video to the left) adjusts with market conditions, keeping you on track regardless of the economy.

With the current Pandemic travel restrictions and the lack of agreement on production levels among oil producing nations we are in a sharp downturn. However, as lock downs ease and a vaccine is produced it is inevitable that the oil, gas and energy industry will come back. So scaling up is on the radar screen now.   It’s more important than ever to have systems in place to prepare. React quickly to hiring and layoffs with HR outsourcing programs developed specifically for the challenges of the oil, gas and energy industry.

“Corban OneSource saved me 20% in administrative costs and freed up my time to focus on more strategic areas of our business.”

Stephanie W., Director of Human Resources

A low-risk approach to outsourcing benefits, payroll administration, and compliance for oil and gas companies.

  • Take advantage of payroll outsourcing for oil and gas companies
  • Quickly adjust as the industry environment changes
  • Rely on workflows developed for the energy sector
  • Work with a team of oil and gas industry benefits experts
  • Stay secure with our compliance processes and services
  • Let us develop your employee handbook and keep it updated
  • Receive customized reporting
  • Reduce administrative headaches with seamless payroll administration

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Find out how Corban OneSource HR supports oil, gas and energy companies with flexible HR and payroll solutions.

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We treat your people like our people.

15,000+  Employees Onboarded

987 Labor Law Attorneys on Retainer

23 Years of Experience

$600,000,000+ in Payroll Administered


HR outsourcing and payroll administration make sense for oil, gas and energy companies.

  • Control Costs for what matters.
  • Spend time on operations, not administrative burden.
  • Work with experts who understand the disruptions in your industry.
  • Leverage best practices developed for organizations just like yours.
  • Benefit from a broader, yet more specialized skill set than one employee can offer.

“When I have compliance issues I know I can call Corban OneSource, as they will have the expertise to handle it and keep us out of hot water.”

Lori M., Controller